Our Story

Brighter Optical was founded in 1972 by Mr. Lau Man Kwong in Mongkok the heart of Hong Kong. Mr. Lau had a vision, he saw the potential in Mongkok and took the risk and opened Brighter Optical Co.. Since then, Brighter Optical Co. have served millions of customers and watch them grow as Hong Kong grew into the city today.

Today the company is managed by his successor Mr. Ricky Chan and continues serving the community with the same one goal in mind: “See Brighter and Live Better” hence the name Brighter Optical.

Over the years Brighter Optical has achieved many milestones.

  • We are the first company to guarantee 30-minute pick up of prescription optical.
  • In 1987 we opened up our second store in Sam Shui Po with the intent to expand our vision of “a brighter tomorrow” to many more communities.
  • In 2000, an Optometry clinic opened in Mong Kok, which is an industry first to have an optical store and optometry clinic under the same roof. This provides seamless synergy for customers to enjoy a full eye health exam ( a comprehensive eye exam that looks at both your eye sight and health) beyond a basic refraction check.
  • Today, optometry is undergoing major changes in patients’ demands for medical care and a host of cutting-edge advancements in eye care technology, more skilled professionals are new need to address patients’ needs.
  • Most recently in 2018, we allied with The One Ophthalmology & Optometry Center in Jordan and started the new chapter of Integrated Eye Care with the vision of provided high efficiency and quality of care to patients.

At our integrated eye care clinic, optometrist will address all aspects of primary eye care from prescribing glasses or contact lenses to management of variety of eye condition states as their licensure allows. If a condition falls outside of the scope of optometric practice, patient will receive timely referral to an ophthalmologist on site for manage and surgery.


Our integrated eye care clinic also offer volunteer vision screening services for local schools, aged-care centres. Through community involvement, we take action to raise awareness of the importance of quality eye health and vision care.